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Literacy – Spanning North America :: Medina OH :: Chicago IL :: Coronation AB

Literacy In The News :: Spanning North America


Project: LEARN Provides Free Education To Adults In Need
Medina Gazette: 12.17.2020  by Aaron Niedermyer

Education is a huge factor when it comes to succeeding in life, and sometimes people need a little extra help getting that last piece of the puzzle they need to be successful.

That’s where Project: LEARN of Medina County steps in. Project: LEARN is an organization that intends to make sure every adult in Medina County who wants literacy education can get it at no charge.

It began in 1983 when founder Ellen Daiber saw a population in Medina County that wanted help becoming literate in English. Daiber decided to tackle this issue head-on and began tutoring out of the basement of a local church. In the years since, Project: LEARN now has four different locations throughout the county.

After almost 25 years operating solely as a tutoring center, administrators of Project: LEARN realized they were in desperate need of a new source of funding to stay afloat. The program had very specific constraints when it came to this project: It had to relate to their mission of adult tutoring and increasing literacy, be managed primarily by volunteers, worked on a shoestring budget and it could not negatively impact other nonprofit organizations in Medina County.

With all the constraints in mind, former Executive Director Linda Smalley came up with the idea of a used book store.  READ MORE ➤➤

Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 13
Reading Level: difficult to read.
Reader's Age: 18-19 yrs. old
(college level entry)


Adult Student at Aquinas Literacy Center Continues to Learn in Spite of Obstacles
Adrian Dominican Sisters: 12.18.2020

Adult literacy students are known for their persistence. Many learn English as a second language or improve their reading or writing skills under challenging circumstances. For Areej, an adult learner from Bethlehem in Palestine, and her tutor, Sister Joan Mary, OP, those setbacks have been more numerous than most during just over a year of working together.

A tutor at Aquinas Literacy Center in Chicago, Sister Joan explained, “Areej came to me at Aquinas Literacy Center to learn English,” Areej’s first language is Arabic. “She’s very eager to learn and is just a wonderful student.”

Sister Joan Mary, OP, left, and Areej meet at Aquinas during the pandemic.

They began their one-on-one tutoring sessions in October 2019, months before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the temporary shut-down of Aquinas. When the literacy center reopened in September, Sister Joan said, many of the tutoring pairs met remotely, via Zoom. However, because Areej did not have access to a computer, she and Areej met in person – but with a table and a sheet of plastic between them.

“We met at a time that I was given, when nobody else was there, because that’s how they managed it,” Sister Joan said. “It was very difficult. [Literacy students] have to see your mouth and hear how the words are pronounced – and I was wearing a mask, and so was she.”  READ MORE ➤➤

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Grade Level: 9
Reading Level: standard / average.
Reader's Age: 13-15 yrs. old
(Eighth and Ninth graders)



Paintearth Adult Learning Navigating COVID-19, Hears Castor Council
Star: 12.18.2020 by Stu Salkeld

The Paintearth Community Adult Learning Centre is doing some learning of its own, as it adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, heard Castor town council at its regular meeting Dec. 14.

Councillors heard a presentation from the learning council Program Manager Cindy Heidecker, who noted that the organization, with two locations in Castor and one in Coronation, continues to offer programming during the pandemic.

Heidecker stated the Learning Champions program is underway, which is required programming as the learning council receives funds from Alberta Advanced Education for it.

She also explained the council must provide adult literacy programming to those who need help reading and writing, plus life skills help if needed.

Basic computer skills courses are also available, and Heidecker noted this means starting right from how to turn the computer on.

More advanced computer skill courses are available but are part of a different course.  READ MORE ➤➤


Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 12
Reading Level: difficult to read.
Reader's Age: 17-18 yrs. old
(Twelfth graders)

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