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Literacy Council Wins Pair Of Awards
Texarkana Gazette: 5.21.2021

The Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties won two awards during the Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas' conference Friday.

The Literacy Council won for Innovative Project of the Year and Student of the Year, two of the six awards the ALA gives annually to outstanding adult learning programs in Arkansas.

Innovative Project of the Year was awarded for a program developed by Myesha Holmes-Thomas, a student intern for the Literacy Council who is completing a master's degree in social work at Texas A&M University-Texarkana. For this project, she initiated a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services to help serve local families.

Student of the Year was awarded to Denise Anderson, a Literacy Council student who worked hard to gain literacy skills and at age 56 read her first book in December.  READ MORE ➤➤

Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 14
Reading Level: difficult to read.
Reader's Age: 21-22 yrs. old
(college level)


ALS program
Camarena Library 
 Tutor Spotlight: Kimberly Valenzuela

Q: How has your experience been so far as a tutor?

A:  My experience so far has been really good. I enjoy helping people learn new skills that they can use to achieve their personal goals. It is also a very rewarding experience being part of a learner's progress through the ALS program. It is such a good feeling hearing back from my learners on how they implement the skills they learned in their daily lives.

Q: Give three reasons why being a tutor might influence an adult member in your community struggling with literacy skills.

A:  Whether it is reading the morning newspaper, applying for a job, or communicating with doctors, a tutor can help a learner achieve these goals. Another reason is by prioritizing their needs in a one-to-one setting. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up in a class with 20 other students with different goals, while working with a tutor focuses on the learner’s individual goals, level, and pace.  READ MORE ➤➤

Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 9
Reading Level: standard / average.
Reader's Age: 13-15 yrs. old
(Eighth and Ninth graders)

Ardmore Literacy Leadership Celebrates Graduates From Partner Organizations
Daily Ardmoreite: 5.22.2021 by Michael D. Smith

During a graduation season full of high school and college commencement ceremonies, one ceremony this week stood out with a collection of graduates from area literacy groups. The Ardmore Literacy Leadership on Thursday recognized learners for completing their high school diploma, GED, English as a Second Language, Spanish language or U.S. citizenship test.

Over 100 guests were on hand at the Colvert Ministry Center to celebrate the graduates including families, tutors and other supporters. Oklahoma Rep. Mauree Turner, an Ardmore native, provided a recorded camessage and Ardmore City Commissioner John Credle addressed those in attendance. 

ALL organizations represented on Thursday included Ardmore Family Literacy, Ardmore Public Library, New Dimension Literacy Council, Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley, and St. Mary Catholic Church.  READ MORE ➤➤

Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 12
Reading Level: difficult to read.
Reader's Age: 17-18 yrs. old
(Twelfth graders)



PALS Has Been Changing Lives Through Literacy Since 1979
Edmonton Journal: 5.25.2021 by Fish Griwkowsky

Though he lived in Edmonton as a child, Greece-born Nicholas Koronios spent most of his life in Athens — returning to Canada in 2016 when he was 24.

Back in Europe, he spoke English with his mother after coming home from school and soccer, pretty basic stuff like, “Hello,” or “Are you hungry?”

“I thought I knew some things. But in reality,” the now 29-year-old Edmontonian admits with a laugh, “I didn’t really know anything.”

Koronios was hardly alone in the city, struggling with a language that throws the homonyms there, their and they’re at us randomly on a daily basis, tripping up a good number of lifelong Canadians, as well.

“I thought, what can I do to better myself, right?”

On top of being able to communicate in a way it’s so easy to take for granted, Koronios wanted to be an electrician, maybe a police officer.

“So what do those jobs require? Number one: English.

“So the first thing was like, ‘Oh, crap, I need a tutor. I’ve got to pay big money.’ And you know, I didn’t even have a job.

“How could I afford that?”

Enter Project Adult Literacy Society — the friendly-sounding PALS for short.

Running in the city since 1979, the mostly volunteer organization quietly does some of the most noble work in Edmonton: increasing our ability to communicate. And, most importantly, the program is free.  READ MORE ➤➤

Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 7
Reading Level: fairly easy to read.
Reader's Age: 11-13 yrs. old
(Sixth and Seventh graders)

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