Friday, June 11, 2021

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How to Beat the Summer Slide

Summer Slide
All About Learning Press: 6.10.2021 by Marie Rippel

Have you heard of the “summer slide”? Unfortunately, it’s not the fun kind of slide you’ll find at a water park or playground. This slide is different. It’s a slide that no mom wants her child to ride.

The summer slide is a decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the summer months when school isn’t in session.


How to Prevent the Summer Slide

Here’s the secret to preventing the summer slide: Keep learning all summer long. (Now, don’t panic, I’m not talking about year-round schooling, although for some homeschool families, year-round schooling may be a good solution.)

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Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 8
Reading Level: standard / average.
Reader's Age: 12-14 yrs. old
(Seventh and Eighth graders)


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