Thursday, April 8, 2021

On The Road To Find Freadom’s 100 Best Places To Read In America

On The Road To Find Freadom’s 100 Best Places To Read In America

Freadom USA

Announcing the first annual Freadom’s 1OO – it’s an UNPRECEDENTED celebration of the 100 BEST PLACES TO READ IN AMERICA, but it will only be UNPRECEDENTED if you get onboard.

Freadom celebrates readers of all walks of life and we are on a mission to capture all the amazing places people read. These are the places one feels most alive, inspired, safe or easily transported to a different time, place or even… a different world. It is the place where they feel the most like their true self. It’s Freadom’s goal to promote and encourage literacy and reading; in doing so, we want these kinds of places for everyone. It is what we’re fighting for, a place of #literacyforall!

Kicking off March 2, 2021, Read Across America Day, and running through July 16, 2021; Freadom is creating an opportunity for everyone across the country to share their favorite, and BEST, places to read.

Help US in Our Search for Freadom’s 1OO Best Places to Read in America. Shoot and upload a photo of you in your best place to read!

We’re asking you to share in the search and upload a photo of your favorite, and best, place to read. The photo you submit is really important. It’s creativity & artistry will play the central role in the selection process, and we want to receive thousands of submissions.

The 100 best images will be selected by an esteemed panel and those whose submissions are selected will receive a $50 Freadom Gift Card for cool Freadom swag in addition to bragging rights.  READ MORE ➤➤

Being able to read is the most critical skill for anyone who wants to fully claim and realize the freedoms America promises; this is why Freadom exists. Freadom is a social enterprise created to accelerate and amplify the awareness of and advance the cause for literacy. Started in late 2020 by the founder of the highly successful nonprofit, Bernie’s Book Bank – Freadom designs and sells high-quality, responsibly made apparel and products from which 100% of the net profit supports literacy initiatives throughout America. Freadom has the audacious goal of investing $100 Million to literacy annually. 
Based on 7 readability formulas:
Grade Level: 9
Reading Level: standard / average.
Reader's Age: 13-15 yrs. old
(Eighth and Ninth graders)

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