Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Literacy – Spanning the US :: Rowan Co NC :: Hastings NE :: San Antonio TX

Rowan County Literacy Council recognizes top tutors
Salisbury Post: 7.24.2017

Seven Rowan County Literacy Council volunteer tutors have logged more than 50 instructional hours since the beginning of the year.

“RCLC has an amazing group of volunteer tutors who are all so dedicated to their students’ success,” said program coordinator Laurel Harry.

“Within this group, we have seven exceptional tutors who have logged over 50 hours of one-on-one classroom time since the beginning of the year,” she said.

The seven are Gary Rash, Jennifer Welch, Anne Saunders, Don Doering, Ray Costello, Char Molrine and Irene Stewart.

Rash and Molrine have been the longest-serving tutors in the group having volunteered for over a decade each. Costello is the newest member of the group, having joined the council less than a year ago.

All of the tutors work with more than one student, and some meet their students several times per week.

“Our tutors really connect with their students,” said Harry. “They become friends, mentors, sounding boards, and motivational coaches all at once.  READ MORE @

Hard work, dedication recognized at GED graduation
Hastings Tribune: 7.26.2017 by Tony Herrman

“Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.”

Julia Sarmiento, who used that quote from Theodore Roosevelt in her speech during the General Educational Development commencement ceremony Thursday at the Central Community College-Hastings campus, said the quote sums up her journey pursuing her degree through the Hastings Literacy Program and CCC.

Sarmiento was one of seven recent GED graduates to participate in the commencement ceremony.

The 29-year-old Hastings woman, who is due with her third child next week, had to take a five-month break from the GED curriculum she began a year ago due to complications with her pregnancy.

She credited her husband and GED program staff for helping her through her course work, which she completed the last week of June.

“Now that I look back at the journey, I’m very grateful because there was always someone there to help me,” she said.

GED tests allow anyone over the age of 16 to demonstrate they have acquired a level of learning comparable to that high school graduates.

The GED battery includes four separate tests: Mathematical, language arts, social studies and science.

“Taking the GED is not an easy task,” Anne Cannon, GED Adult Education Coordinator and executive director of the Hastings Literacy Program, said in her introduction.  READ MORE @

One in four San Antonio adults is functionally illiterate
KENS5: 7.27.2017 by Priya Sridhar

According to the latest census, one in four adults in San Antonio reads at a fifth-grade level or lower, making them functionally illiterate. Out of the 77 largest cities in the United States, the Alamo City came in at 73rd when it comes to literacy.

Forty-nine year old Chadwick Fletcher reads at a fifth grade level.

"I felt like I was nothing. I felt so ashamed of myself," he said. "It was embarrassing because I had to ask people."

Literacy experts say often times a parent or caregiver's literacy level indicates the success their child has in school. Fletcher's mom was illiterate. He ended up dropping out of high school and then became homeless and hooked on drugs. A year ago, Fletcher decided to clean up his life and went to Each One Teach One, a San Antonio non-profit aimed at tackling adult literacy.  WATCH

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