Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Send Books to Prisoners ?

Why Send Books to Prisoners?

Why send books to prisoners?   The reasons range from the practical (education reduces recidivism) to the human (minds can rot in prison, books help them grow).  The people who get our books say it better than we can.  It’s letters like these that inspire us to do what we do.

Because a dictionary helped him get a degree – “Nearly 10 years ago I enrolled in a GED class and needed a dictionary to assist me in the class. Another prisoner gave me your organization’s information and told me to write to you about getting one. Well I did, and now, all these years later I have obtained my associates degree in paralegal studies, and I’d like to think you’re sending me that dictionary so many years ago was a contribution to me getting this far in my educational endeavors. Thank you.” – Eugene from Wisconsin

Because it helps prisoners to know someone cares – “Your job is literally putting smiles on peoples faces.  I’m smiling now knowing someone cares.” – Luke from Kentucky

Because knowing someone cares can change a life – “I never wanted to come to prison and ended up here under a bad set of circumstances. I have recovered from the primary shock (it took over three years) and I am trying to go in a new direction. What you did for me is part of that. I am doing the same thing in here that I did on the outside (help people). ” – Joseph from Arizona

Because some prisoners use their time to improve themselves  – “I am trying to use my time here to improve myself. I hope to rejoin society soon with a better appreciation of freedom and personal responsibility.” – Robert from Pennsylvania

Because people can discover reading and learning in prison – “There was a young inmate here who just got his GED and had never read a book from cover to cover. Sharing The Lightning Thief with him has created a literary monster. He is now a nonstop reader and is reading his sixth book.”  – Earl from Florida

Because many prisons don’t even have a library – “The library in my facility has been closed for nearly three years; unfortunately it remains closed but now we finally have some fresh reading material thanks to your organization.” – Gus from Connecticut

Many other groups do the same thing we do – send books to prisoners.
Although we are not affiliated with any of these, we wholeheartedly support their work.  If you have books to donate and live near one, they would appreciate your support.  If you would like to send books to a prisoner in one of the states we don’t support (California, Texas, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan and Maryland), one of these may be able to.  READ MORE @

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