Monday, July 10, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Local Library via WiseBread

4 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Local Library
WiseBread: 6.23.2017 by Chris Birk

With municipalities struggling to stay afloat financially, public libraries are among the first institutions to feel the pinch.

At least 19 states have cut funding to community libraries in the last year according to the American Library Association. More than half reported reductions greater than 10%, and in many places, state-level cuts are compounded by similar cuts at the local level.

Increasingly, it's falling to local library boosters to cobble together funding and devote time and energy to keeping facilities open.

Perhaps the ease and ubiquity of technology has tempered your reliance on these long-cherished institutions. But local libraries continue to provide an array of key services to community members. (See also: Duh...Libraries)

Here are four reasons why you should consider supporting libraries. READ MORE @

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