Literacy Reports & Statistics

America’s Most Literate Cities, CCSU
2016: Book Reading 2016, Pew
2013: Remodeling Literacy Learning, Natl Center for Literacy Education (NCLE)
2012: Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Options Practice Research, NAS
2007: To Read Not To Read, NEA
2004: Reading At Risk, NEA
2009: Literacy of America's Least Literate Adults, NAAL 2003
2006: Literacy of America's College Students, AIR
2007: Literacy in Everyday Life, NAAL 2003
2003: National Assessment of Adult Literacy, NAAL
2000: Programs for Adults in Public Library Outlets, USDE, NCES
1992: National Adult Literacy Survey, NALS
Kids and Family Reading ReportScholastic
Kids Count Data Center, Annie E. Casey Foundation
National/State Report Cards – Reading, NCES
State of Preschool, NIEER
2018: Education Leader’s Guide to Reading Growth, Renaissance
2009: Developing Early Literacy, National Early Literacy Panel - NIFL
2003: The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3, American Educator
Financial Literacy Survey, NFCC
General Literacy Surveys, Jumpstart
2016: State-by-State Financial Capability Survey, FINRA
2015: Health Literacy & Patient Engagement, 12th Annual Report, US HHS Sep 2015
2011: Health Literacy Interventions Outcomes: Updated Systematic Rvw, AHRQ
2010: Health Literacy, NNLM
2010: Health Literacy: Accurate Accessible Actionable Health Info. for All, CDC
2009: Reaching America’s Health Potential Among Adults, RWJ Foundation
2009: Low Health Literacy, NAAL 2003
2004: Literacy and Health in America, ETS

2016: Highlights-US PIAAC Survey of Incarcerated Adults: Their Skills, Work Experience, Education, and Training, NCES Number: 2016040
2013: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education, Rand
2011: Correctional Education, OVAE
2010: Prison Count, PEW
2009: One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections, PEW
2006: Locked Up Locked Out: Educational Perspective on US Prison Population, ETS
2003: Literacy Behind Bars, NAAL 2003
2003: Education And Correctional Populations, BJS
1994: Literacy Behind Prison Walls, NCES
2018: A Stronger Nation: Learning beyond high school builds American talent, Lumina
2017: UpSkilling Playbook for Employers, Aspen Institute
2015: Skills Gap Report, NAM-MI
2008: Reach Higher America: Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce, NCAL
2007: America’s Perfect Storm, ETS
2007: Can California Import Enough College Grad's. Meet Workforce Needs?, PPIC
2007: Mounting Pressures: Workforce . . . Adult Ed, NCAL

Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, PIRLS
Program for International Student Assessment,  PISA
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, PIAAC

2017: Literacy Rates Continue to Rise from One Generation to the Next, UNESCO Fact Sheet No. 45:
2016: Human Development Index, UNDP
2015: Economic & Social Cost of Illiteracy: A snapshot of illiteracy . . . World Literacy Foundation
2006: Literacy for Life, Global Monitoring Report, UNESCO
2003-12: Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE), UNESCO

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