Monday, September 11, 2017

Senate Committee Boosts Funding for IMLS LSTA via District Dispatch

Senate boosts funding for IMLS, LSTA thanks to ALA grassroots
District Dispatch: 9.08.2017 by Kevin Maher

Congress delivered good news for library funding after returning from its August recess this week. Yesterday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an increase of $4 million in funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), all of which would go to the formula-based Grants to States program.

Following months of intensive Hill lobbying by ALA Washington Office staff and the emails, phone calls and visits to Congress by ALA advocates, these gains are a win for libraries. According to a key Senate staffer, ALA’s ongoing grassroots campaign to save direct library funding launched last March – and the significant increase in the number of Senators and Representatives signing “Dear Appropriator” letters this year that it produced – played a major role in the gains for IMLS and Grants to States in the Senate Committee’s bill.

The Senate Committee’s bill, approved by the Labor-HHS Subcommittee on Wednesday, would boost IMLS funding to $235 million. Grants to States would receive $160 million. The bill also includes increased funding in FY 2018 for a number of other library-related programs.

Full Senate Approval
Reconcile with House legislation at FY2017’s level of $231 million
Avoid Trump Administration proposal to eliminate IMLS and federal library funding

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