Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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A New Literacy Paradigm
ProLiteracy Blog: 6.01.2017 by Jennifer Paulding

Recent proposed reductions in federal funding for adult education are bringing about an even more challenging environment for our programs and students.

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Piecing Together the Puzzle for Adult Literacy
While we continue to hear verbal support for the issue of adult literacy, we continue to see limited or diminished funding for our programs. Everyone recognizes the need for adult literacy and supports the cause, but fewer are willing to fund the programs needed to ensure students get services.

It is not only the lack of federal and state funding but the ever-increasing competition for limited private-sector resources that is making it more difficult for local programs to raise the funds necessary to meet the growing demand for service. This trend puts even greater pressure on the volunteers and staff to “do more with less”.
Traditional funding sources such as United Way, the Combined Federal Campaign, and others are looking at broader collective impact models that are difficult for traditional literacy programs to integrate into on a sustained basis.

As a result of these and other trends, we as a network of community-based programs will need to adjust and respond to these new trends and strategic directions of funders.

The Essential Role of Adult Literacy Programs
In addition to pressing our case in terms of the importance of adult literacy to the workforce, families, community, and democracy, we will need to look at new ways to describe our program benefits and our approach.  READ MORE @

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