Sunday, May 21, 2017

Literacy – Spanning the US :: Brooklyn NY :: Milwaukee WI :: Athens-Limestone Co AL

Immigrant, advocate groups rally at Borough Hall to protest proposed education cuts
1,800 Brooklyn students fear $12 million budget cut in de Blasio proposal
Brooklyn Eagle: 5.10.2017 by John Alexander

“Education is a right, budget cuts are wrong,” was shouted from the steps of Borough Hall on Wednesday morning, as students from all across the borough joined elected officials to protest a feared $12 million budget cut in education programs. They lined the steps of Borough Hall holding up signs protesting proposed cuts for English programs that they believe are essential for immigrants to learn the language and find better jobs.
Councilmember and Immigration Committee Chair Carlos Menchaca addresses crowd at education budget rally.

According to the New York City Coalition for Adult Literacy (NYCCAL), a collection of nonprofit community-based organizations, libraries and City of New York (CUNY) branches that provide English language and other adult literacy programs, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2018 Executive Budget contains a $12 million funding cut that will eliminate literacy classes for more than 5,500 students throughout the city, including 1,800 in Brooklyn alone.  READ MORE @

Adult literacy organizations to merge
Milwaukee Business Journal: 5.11.2017 by David Schuyler

The two major adult education services organization in Milwaukee — Literacy Services of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services — have agreed to combine forces in an effort to expand their reach to students and increase job readiness for those in need.

Both organizations’ boards anticipate a final approval of the merger by July 1.

The combination will represent the culmination of the more than six months of financial analysis, strategic planning with board members and other business leaders, and investigation with staff and clients, said Ginger Duiven, executive director of Literacy Services of Wisconsin, who will serve as executive director of the merged organization.

The merged organization will be named Literacy Services of Wiscosnin [sic] Inc.

“We are excited to announce this partnership that we’re confident will greatly enhance our already successful, decades-long efforts,” Duiven said in a press release.

Joining forces should allow the organization to attract more philanthropic and corporate support and operate more efficiently, Duiven said.

“LSW and MALS are two of the strongest local organizations providing adult basic education, including GED and job readiness training.  READ MORE @

Learn to Read Council gets Dollar General grant
News Courier: 5.12.2017 by Lauren Thornton Tobin

In an effort to boost local literacy efforts, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation again awarded funds to the Learn to Read Council of Athens-Limestone County.

The adult literacy grant will help fund the council's salaries, classroom materials, computer software and supplies.

The adult program is for ages 16 and up, and helps those who have low-level reading skills, use English as a second language and struggle with math.

“We've had some (students) who passed everything on their GED except math,” Andrews said. “We had three math students last year who all passed the test and got their GED after coming here.”

Like the children's program, the adult program features different platforms for students to learn from.

“We have one-on-one instructors if students prefer or if they want a classroom setting, they can work in the computer lab,” Andrews said.

Andrews said she knows it can be intimidating for some adults to ask for reading help, but she emphasized the council's student confidentiality.  READ MORE @

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