Sunday, April 16, 2017

Literacy – Spanning North America :: Victoria BC :: Bangor ME :: Misson Hills CA

Leaner literacy groups survive, with help from TC Book Drive
Times Colonist: 4.01.2017 by Jack Knox

It would have been dead easy to give up on Literacy Victoria. Ditto for the READ Society.

Both were volunteer-driven outfits, and volunteers want fulfilment, not the headache of keeping a drowning charity afloat.

In fact, Literacy Victoria did go under for a while, shutting its doors in 2014.

“It would have been so easy to stay closed,” says Susan Reece, a volunteer tutor who ended up chairing the group’s board.

But then the impact of the loss began to be felt. How were all those adults who struggle with reading, writing and numeracy supposed to overcome their hurdles? “We had so many people who were upset that it had closed after all those years.”

So Reece and a few others spent a few months huddled around a kitchen table figuring out how to reopen the doors, which they were able to do in 2015. Then, last year, Reece got to talking with Charlie Etchell of the READ Society, a youth-focused literacy group that had emerged from its own near-death experience.

The result was September’s merger of the two non-profits, now known as the Victoria Literacy Connection. It’s a leaned-down organization that helps both children and adults, teaching them skills without which they would be left behind in life.  READ MORE @

Annual 'Literacy Tea' promotes the joys of reading
WLBZ-TV:  4.02.2017 by Samantha York

The Literacy Volunteers of Bangor have put on their annual 'Literacy Tea' for the past five years -- it is a fundraiser that raises money for the groups adult literacy programs and encourages those of all ages to pick up a book and read.  WATCH VIDEO  📺

The desire to help her community led to a decision to run for the State Assembly in 2014. In a surprising upset, she won the election and took office as a political novice. She has since introduced legislation in key areas of concern to her and her constituents. Four of her bills have been signed by the Governor.  READ MORE @

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