Thursday, March 9, 2017

Archie Willard :: VALUEUSA's founder :: Ardent, Articulate Health Literacy Advocate

Archie Willard (1930 - 2017): Ardent, Articulate Health Literacy Advocate
Founder of VALUEUSA

VALUEUSA's founder Archie Willard has passed away at age 87. Archie learned to read at the age of 54. Being diagnosed as dyslexic was the breakthrough that helped him embark on the path to acquiring the skills he needed to learn to read. Sharing what he'd learned along the way, and wanting to improve conditions for others who couldn't read, led him to become an advocate for literacy.

Mr. Willard was a Fellow with the National Institute for Literacy, and traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad to learn about and consult with others about their literacy programs. Archie’s research design was on adult learner leadership and he led adult learner leaders and practitioners to found the Voice of Adult Learners United for Education now known as VALUEUSA.

Archie was also an ardent, articulate health literacy advocate. For decades, he has taught about why health literacy matters to those we care for and care about. Archie’s actions include leading health literacy conferences, encouraging patients and providers to work together, participating on patient safety panels, and reviewing patient education materials.

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