Sunday, February 5, 2017

Literacy – Spanning the US :: Milford CT :: Williamsburg VA :: Boston MA

New Year's resolutions are often attempts at self-improvement.

Determined, well-intentioned people try to exercise and eat better, choose a book over tv, sign up for a class. Everyone has habits they want to break or hobbies they want to pick up. Resolutions are usually about changing yourself, but this year the Williamsburg Health Foundation dares you to think big. We challenge you to make a resolution to change the world around you: make your community a healthier place to live for everyone.

Good health is not just a personal success, and poor health is not only a personal failing. Your education is a dramatic social determinant of health – the more years in school, the easier it is to stay healthy.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reports that college graduates live at least five years longer than those who never finished high school. Better education is linked to lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. With the higher income jobs education affords, families unlock many opportunities to stay healthy: they're likely to live nearer supermarkets, parks and sidewalks, as well as adequate health care.

On its website, the local nonprofit group Literacy for Life makes a bold statement: "literacy is a stronger predictor of an individual's health status than income, employment status, education level and racial or ethnic group."

Literacy for Life has been educating Williamsburg-area residents since 1975. Literacy is only the tip of their iceberg.  READ MORE @

Boston Public Library releases offerings for 2017 literacy services 1.24.2017

The Library starts 2017 with a full slate of literacy resources and opportunities for learners.

The Boston Public Library begins 2017 with a full slate of literacy resources and opportunities for learners throughout Boston and the Commonwealth, including ESL classes and conversation groups, HiSet preparation classes, online tools, and immigrant information material. Visit the Library's website for a complete list of offerings and services.

ESL Classes: ESL instruction is offered in a traditional classroom environment.

ESL Conversation Groups:  Practice speaking English in an informal and friendly group setting with other adult ESL students and new English speakers.

HiSet Preparation Classes: The HiSet test (High School Equivalency Test) is the new replacement to the GED test.

Immigrant Information Corners: a strategic collaboration between the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Boston Public Library, and the City of Boston, as well as community partners.

Learn Online and Literacy Resources:
LearningExpress Library — Log on and practice for SAT, GED, HiSet, TOEFL, and other education tests.

Mango Languages — Mango Languages is a great online language learning program for both English and foreign languages.

Small Group Tutoring: Both English as a Second Language (ESL) and Adult Basic Education (ABE) skills instruction are offered.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Library seeks volunteers to work with either adult
English as a Second Language (ESL) learners or adults who are in need of developing basic reading and writing skills towards their individual life goals.  READ MORE @

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