Tuesday, October 18, 2016

4 Facts from ProLiteracy’s Nationwide Adult Literacy Survey

4 Facts from ProLiteracy’s Nationwide Adult Literacy Survey
ProLiteracy Blog: 9.23.2016 by Dee Cater

We know that the adult literacy issue suffers from a lack of awareness, but how much does the average U.S. adult actually know about the issue? To find out, ProLiteracy conducted an omnibus survey study this summer to gather insight into public awareness of adult literacy and adult basic education. Here are four noteworthy insights from the nationwide study:

1) 37% of U.S. adults are still unaware that adult literacy is an issue in the United States
2) Only 30% of U.S. adults claim to know someone who cannot read
3) 83% of adults don’t know where to find adult literacy help in their communities
4) Education follows healthcare as the most important social issue to U.S. adults

Overall, the survey showed that we have an opportunity to educate the public about the adult literacy issue and the effect it has on important social issues. Awareness efforts such as Adult Education and Family Literacy Week and the adult literacy episode of Secret Lives of Americans are still needed to increase awareness. Projects like the National Literacy Directory are critical in informing adults where they can receive literacy help. Working together, we can continue to advocate on behalf of adult learners, increase awareness, and become a larger voice for literacy.  READ MORE @

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