Sunday, March 27, 2016

Literacy – Spanning the US: Utah Co UT :: Altus OK :: Mesa Co CO :: Centre Co PA :: Corona CA


Having a relaxed, proud feeling and ready to vote are new treasures gained for Perla Galaz, a native of Mexico. Becoming a new citizen of the United States has given her much satisfaction and future promises.

“I am so happy and excited to be a new American,” said Galaz. “I have lived in the United States since 2007 when my husband Julio and I moved to Altus with our first son.”

Her husband and Perla both had completed college degrees in Mexico, but could not find jobs. They chose to move from Mexico straight to Altus where he had an aunt living, and Julio was able to get a job with Bar-S Foods.

That same year Perla contacted the Great Plains Literacy Council at the Altus Public Library to learn English. She said she knew very little English and needed to communicate with her health providers as she was pregnant. Lynne Collingwood volunteered to be her tutor and met with her once a week for about three years. Other jobs and family obligations kept her busy for several years after that tutoring.  READ MORE @

Mesa County Libraries Literacy Center Changing Lives for 30 Years
Western Slope: 3.08.2016 by Julia Maguire

Mesa County Libraries celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Literacy Center Tuesday.

Since its launch in 1986, the center has helped thousands of Mesa County residents improve their self-sufficiency and communication skills, inlcuding Eusebia Garza, who was one of the residents that said the literacy center changed her life.

Garza moved from Mexico to the United States in the 90's, determined to learn English Garza began working to improve her skills.

"Because if I learn I can help my community," said Garza.

It wasn't until 2003 when she came across the Mesa County Libraries Literacy Center.  At the time she didn't know much English, but when her tutor asked her what her goals were, she knew what she wanted to achieve.  READ MORE @

Helping hands: Literacy skills result in better health and employment
Centre Daily: 3.07.2016 by Amy T. Wilson

Why did you decide to volunteer at Mid-State Literacy Council? When asked, one volunteer replied, “Because I know how important it is to be able to read.”

According to the census data, 11 percent of Centre County residents are illiterate. About 17,462 people have difficulty reading signs, instructions and job applications. They have difficulty opening a checking account, getting a job and reading to their children. Vulnerable, marginalized, at risk, they struggle.

The literacy council provides one-on-one tutoring and small classes for about 325 adults in Centre and Clearfield Counties. Trained volunteers share their skills by teaching reading, writing, math, English, basic computer and health literacy.
People helping people — you might be surprised by the results. About 225 trained volunteer tutors are teaching adults to read the instructions on medicine labels. Others are team-teaching classes, such as English for Doctor’s Visits, to help people describe symptoms and learn health care information. READ MORE @

Corona Library Hiding from Illiteracy
Inner Circle-Corona: 3.10.2016 by CityofCorona

The City of Corona Public Library is walking alongside adults in the community through the Adult Reading Assistance Program to put an end to adult illiteracy and restore confidence, hope, and self-respect during the process.

The Adult Reading Assistance Program encourages applicants to participate in a unique writing challenge sponsored by the Southern California Library Literacy Network. The challenge is coined as the Writer to Writer Challenge contest and presents adults learners with an opportunity to put their improving writing skills against others in programs throughout Southern California that are similar to the Adult Reading Assistance Program at the Corona Public Library.

For two years in a row, Corona’s program has yielded a runner-up in the contest. There are 4 levels, with one winner and two runners-up in each for a total of twelve honorees out of the 97 who applied — a wonderful showing for our program.  READ MORE @

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