Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alphabet of Illiteracy :: Project Literacy

Alphabet of Illiteracy

The Alphabet of Illiteracy uses each letter of the alphabet to highlight an issue that could be tackled if literacy was improved.

There are 757 million people who cannot read a single sentence. The consequences of illiteracy go far beyond not being able to read a book – it fuels some of the world’s biggest problems.

Project Literacy is a global campaign supported by 40 charities and educational organisations with the target that by 2030 no newborn child will face a life of poor literacy. Campaigners have launched a petition urging action on illiteracy, which will be presented to the UN in New York on International Literacy Day on 8 September.

Last September, world leaders promised to reduce illiteracy substantially and end all gender disparities in education by 2030 under the sustainable development goals.

“Literacy is a key component in achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. Without literacy, each of the 17 goals will be limited by the inability of citizens to be sufficiently informed on key issues, and less empowered to take action,” said Dan Wagner, Unesco’s chair in learning and literacy at the University of Pennsylvania.

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