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Literacy – Spanning the US: San Joaquin Co CA :: Montgomery AL :: Bangor ME :: Cleveland OH :: Topeka KS


Montgomery area literacy group reaches new milestone
WFSA: 11.20.2105 by Allen Henry

For 30 years, the Capital Area Adult Literacy Club has been helping people learn how to read.

This week, the program hit a monumental achievement by graduating it's 3,000th tutor. That means an average of 100 tutors have graduated each year since 1985.

"More people are coming out of schools unprepared for life," said Woody Woodcock, a member of the Council. "So that means that they're going to need some help somewhere, or else they're going to be just struggling along."

Woodcock has been working with the literacy Club since 1991, and says while a lot has changed in the last 24 years, the basics of reading have not.

"The words have not changed. The wording has not changed except for updating some prices on the menus," said Woodcock. "You gotta be careful what age book you've got, make sure your students have the same prices when you ask them to add them up. But other than that, the wording has not changed."  READ MORE @

Literacy volunteers host statewide conference on adult literacy
WCSH6: 11.20.2015  VIDEO

At least 20% of the Greater Bangor area has trouble understanding written instructions according to the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor.

Educators, tutors and teachers gathered for the organization's annual literacy conference on Saturday. The event consisted of a number breakout sessions and guest speakers, including former students who shared stories about how their lives have been impacted by literacy.

Brandi Meservey, a single mother of three young boys, was one of those in attendance. After growing up in poverty and surviving an abusive relationship, she looked for a way to change her life. With only a seventh grade education, Brandi didn't know think college was an option.

"I had no idea of what there was out there, or what I could do to better our situation," she said.

She joined a pilot program that teaches mothers career and life skills. The program is where she met Mary Lyon, a mentor who Brandi said is helping her get to a place where she can be a better mom.

"It was just a matter of opening doors letting her know she was smart enough, letting her know that there was money to go to school," Mary said.

The story of their friendship was just one of the many shared Saturday at Toolkit for Tutors and Teachers.  READ MORE @

With those facts in mind, the Topeka Literacy Council trains adult tutors to work with students in a one-on-one setting. Tutors use the primarily phonics-based Laubach method developed in the 1930s.  READ MORE @

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