Sunday, September 13, 2015

Literacy – Spanning the US: Eagle Co CO :: Carter Co KY :: Poughkeepsie NY :: Philadelphia PA

Library aims to increase literacy level
Journal Times: 8.19.2015 by Cory Claxon

The Carter County Public Library hopes a new program will help local residents increase their literacy skills.

The program is called “It Was a Book First” and seeks to improve literacy levels by letting those persons who check out movies know if that movie was based on a book.

According the projects description, nearly 65 percent of all movies were first written as books.

The library hopes that comparing and contrasting books and movies will spark deeper discussions on the stories portrayed in them.  READ MORE ! 8.24.2015 by Kristen A Graham, Inquirer

Marcella Matthews, 54, is one of them. The South Philadelphia resident had always worked - as a nurse's aide, an administrative assistant. But with her daughter approaching college graduation, Matthews wanted more for herself. READ MORE !

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