Monday, March 23, 2015

Tea Party Case Against Kentucky Libraries Overturned Today ::: everylibrary

Tea Party Case Against Kentucky Libraries Overturned Today
EveryLibrary: 3.20.2015 by John Chrastka

State of KentuckyEveryLibrary is relieved that the Kentucky Court of Appeals held with reason and the law to overturn the Tea Party’s case against Kentucky libraries today. It is a significant loss for anti-library forces in the state, and around the country, affirming that the libraries followed the law when setting tax rates. It will hopefully clear the way for library leaders across the state who have been facing real uncertainty to again focus clearly on supporting education, business development and jobs skills, and community outcomes. In making its ruling, the Appeals Court was clear:

     While appellees/taxpayers argue that these provisions should only
      apply to library districts created by ballot and not petition, that
      interpretation defies logic and common sense given the circumstances
      that existed when the statute was originally passed in 1965.

This wasn’t a false alarm. Lawsuits like this are a tried and true way for anti-tax groups to advance their agenda. We must remember that the reason this got to the Appeals Court in the first place is that the libraries lost in the Circuit Court. Libraries will be a target of anti-tax lawsuits across the country again. The national advocacy ecosystem for libraries needs to be ready for the next one.  READ MORE !

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