Friday, March 13, 2015

Once Illiterate, Teacher Now Inspires Others

Once Illiterate, Teacher Now Inspires Others
The Pilot: 3.10.2015 by John Lentz

A successful businessman and former teacher who hid his inability to read will tell his story next month at a Literacy Council fundraiser.

When Moore County Literacy Council Executive Director Beth Daniels began searching for speakers to participate in a fundraising dinner for her organization, she was impressed by the story of John Corcoran, of San Diego. Corcoran is a former business leader and English teacher for 17 years who, incredibly, hid his inability to read and write for decades before "guilt" drove him to begin literacy classes.

"I was looking for an adult who was on the same path as many of our learners, and Mr. Corcoran's story really stood out," said Daniels. "Society has made illiteracy a shameful thing, which is really sad because it inhibits people from coming forward for help. We have adults taking instruction from us today who have sworn us to secrecy because their family members don't know that they are unable to read."

The Moore County Literacy Council will host Corcoran for a fundraising dinner on April 16 at 6 p.m. at the Pinehurst Member's Club.

"I was illiterate for most of my life," said Corcoran, now 77. "I was one of those people who, in the second grade, ended up in the dumb row. I could not read, write or spell."  READ MORE !

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