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How do you spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s? It starts with reading proficiency :: Tennessee

How do you spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s?
It starts with reading proficiency
Columbia Daily Herald: 3.03.2015 by James Bennett

Tennesseans should be encouraged by added emphasis on reading and literacy in the state.

Not everyone has to go to college to find success, but with Gov. Bill Haslam’s Tennessee Promise going into effect this year, why would any high-school senior graduate without at least trying two years of college, junior college or vocational school?

And Jan McKeel, executive director of the South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance, told Spring Hill business leaders last week about a new initiative on Haslam’s radar called Reconnect Tennessee. The governor apparently plans to push for two years of free vocational or technical training for adults as part of Drive to 55.

By 2025, Tennessee leaders want to see 55 percent of all residents with either a college degree or vocational certificate.

Those commitments put Tennessee at the forefront of economic development and the push for literacy.

Long before anyone figures out what’s happening in the Volunteer State, our students will be on the path to better futures with the academic credentials and training that’s hopefully second to none.

Success does not come easily. Little things matter in the classroom. Learning how to reach and spell rise to the top of the list for me. Others would argue math and science, and they’re arguments would resonate as passionately as mine. READ MORE!

. . . . . and in other news
Tennessee Literacy Coalition Closing in June
The Tennessee Literacy Coalition announced Tuesday that it would close after 33 years of promoting reading education.
The Tennessean: 2.24.2015 by Tony Gonzalez

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