Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EveryLibrary Announces :: "Vote Libraries"

Announcing “ Vote Libraries ”
EveryLibrary: 1.20.2015 by John Chrastka

Our job is to help library campaigns communicate better with voters. One problem is that the visual images, the ‘creative deck’ for library campaigns to use on on social media, in print and on yard signs, is kind of uneven. What’s available on the open web is OK….

Library campaigns need high quality design to open eyes and reach voters. We need specific “Vote Libraries” messages to cut through the clutter. So we need your help to improve the impact of local voter engagement.

In 2015, we hope to launch “Vote Libraries” to create new, professional, high-quality, high-impact visuals for library campaigns to use on social media, on yard signs, and in voter outreach. With your help, “Vote Libraries” we will be a new suite of copyright-free images created by designers and artists who know how to do campaign communications right.  We will commission the artists and designers with creativity and talent to help pass library bonds, levies, and other referendum.

With your support, EveryLibrary can bring this same type of high-quality, high-impact images for libraries.

EveryLibrary needs $10,000 to make “Vote Libraries” happen for 2015 campaigns. We are looking for 25 people to donate $100 to kick this off. If you want to “buy a share” in a new Vote Libraries image and be thanked by name forever, we’d welcome your $500 donation. And, any new $10+ per month donor between now and mid-February who comments #votelibraries at will get a commemorative print of the image of their choice. If you are a $100 or $500 donor, you’ll get a commemorative print too. Don’t worry. But put #votelibraries in the comments just to be safe.

Donate today. And Vote Libraries.

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