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Literacy: Spanning the U.S. - Riverside Co CA :: Nashville TN :: Honesdale PA

Literacy:  Spanning the U.S.

American Dream Starts @ your library® Grant Allows California Library to Expand ESL Classes
@yourLibrary: 10.12.2014 by Steve Zalusky

A California library system is providing opportunities for patrons who wish to expand their horizons by learning English.

Through an American Dream Starts @ your library grant awarded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to the American Library Association, the Riverside County (Calif.) Library System has been able to expand ESL classes for adult learners.

In this countywide program, volunteers are working with one-on-one tutoring to help individuals learn to read and write.

In the county, which is spread over 7,200 square miles, it is estimated that there are over 50,000 people in Riverside County who are eligible for citizenship. However, there are several barriers in their way. One barrier to citizenship is being able to speak, read and write English in order to take the Citizenship Exam.

This community-based program that changes not only improves students’ lives, but also those of their families.

One of the students, Laura Serrano, a mother of two children whose first language is Spanish, said learning is English is important in order to get a good job.

“This program is very good for me, because it’s free, it’s close to my house, I have very good teachers,” she said.  READ MORE !

Adult Literacy Council teaches sometimes frustrating language
WSMV: 11.05.2014 by Terry Bulger

In Nashville, the Adult Literacy Council exists to make sure anyone who wants to learn how to read and write can.

Jessie Hee needs to learn English quickly. She just arrived in America from China.

Hee has a job at the Lucky Bamboo Chinese restaurant, but can't read the words on the menu.

Volunteer Geoff Reed visits Hee twice a week to help. After a month of tutoring, she is starting to pick up the language.

Reed is part of the Adult Literacy Council's volunteer effort. He is retired and willing to help teach a language that can be frustrating at times.

It's not just about teaching straight out of the book. Reed said new arrivals also learn to love English slang.

"A guy once asked me what 'shove it' meant, and so I tried to explain it to him," Reed said.

Hee is more interested in the basics.

"I want to make a lot of money, do a lot of working," she said. READ MORE !

Tutor recognition
Pike County Courier: 11.05.2014

Newly hired Executive Director, David Sutton welcomed volunteer tutors and guests, followed by Board President Annette Petry who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the volunteer tutors who worked so hard throughout the year.

WPALP volunteer tutors continue to help students improve skills and attain educational goals. With one on one instruction geared for students’ needs along with a combination of encouragement and mentoring, real life changes are made possible for many adults who come to the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program seeking help.

WPALP continues to be successful year after year due to the many talented and dedicated volunteer tutors in the program. Tutoring is provided on an individual basis and takes place in a convenient setting such as library branches, houses of worship, some government agencies and county municipal buildings, keeping in mind the schedule of both tutor and student. Services are always free.  READ MORE !

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