Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Quick Reads titles announced for 2015!

New Quick Reads titles announced for 2015!

The books, which are sponsored by Galaxy® for the fifth year running, will be published on 5 February 2015:
•Roddy Doyle – Dead Man Talking
•Jojo Moyes – Paris for One
•Sophie Hannah – Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen
•Fanny Blake – Red for Revenge
•Adèle Geras – Out of the Dark
•James Bowen – Street Cat Bob

Some Quick Reads titles are available in North America
Amazon UK – sellers may ship outside the UK

What are Quick Reads?
1 in 6 adults of working age in the UK find reading difficult and may never pick up a book.  People’s reasons for not reading are varied but are often based in fear. Some people say they find books scary and intimidating, thinking they are ‘not for them’ or that books are difficult or boring.

Quick Reads sets out to challenge these beliefs and to show that books and reading can be for everyone. Each year we commission big name authors to write short books that are specifically designed to be easy to read.  They are the same as mainstream books in every respect but are simply shorter and easier to tackle for adults who are less confident in their reading skills. The books are then sold through major retailers, online booksellers and are loaned from libraries.

Quick Reads is making real, lasting changes to people’s lives.  Since 2006 we have distributed over 4.5 million books, registered 3 million library loans and through the outreach work hundreds of thousands of new readers each year, often in some of the hardest to reach communities, are introduced to the joys and benefits of reading. Quick Reads is a unique collaboration and we are
very grateful for the support of everyone involved.

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