Friday, August 15, 2014

Birmingham attorney shares how being able to read saved her life

Birmingham attorney shares how being able to read saved her life
Fox6 WBRC: 8.14.2014 by Janet Hall

At age five Liz Humphrey Huntley lived in a Huntsville housing project with her drug dealing parents.

After her father was sent to prison and her mother committed suicide, Humphrey and a sister were sent to live with their grandmother in Clanton where they were still in poverty and where Huntley would be sexually assaulted.

Despite all that, Huntley is now an attorney in a top Birmingham law firm, Lightfoot, Franklin and White.

"I give glory to God first and foremost. He's the one that puts those angels in our path sometimes that we need to get us through things," she said.

Some of the first angels were in her grandmother's neighborhood, who started a church kindergarten where Huntley first learned to read.

On her first day of first grade, she was sent to school alone but because she could read she was able to find her name on a list of students. She found her way to the classroom where she met another angel, her first grade teacher Pam Jones.

Huntley explained how that moment was a crossroads in her life.

"And [Pam Jones] looked at me, and I didn't appreciate it at the time, but her eyes watered up and she looked down at me and her response to all of that - which could have been call DHR, it could have been a lot of things - she said, "Elizabeth Humphrey, you're gonna be the brightest student I ever have,'" Huntley said.  READ MORE !

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