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Literacy – Spanning the US: Waukegan IL :: Huntington Beach CA :: Baltimore MD

Literacy:  Spanning the U.S.

Health literacy classes help Spanish-speaking families at Waukegan Library
Rails Libraries: 7.16.2014 Submitted by Rena Morrow
Sun-Times Media: 7.15.2014 by Yadira Sanchez Olson

Alicia Benitez of Waukegan recently learned a trick that helps her alleviate the pain caused by arthritis and having to use her hands all day working at a dry-cleaning business.

“For bone and joint pain, you soak your feet and hands in cold water to get rid of the inflammation and then warm water to relax them,” Benitez said of her new daily routine to address body aches.

Each week, Benitez attends workshops at the Waukegan Public Library, where along with other Spanish speakers, she learns tips for healthy living and preventative care.

“It’s an opportunity to connect the Latino community with outside resources,” the library’s Tatiana Alonso said.

Through professional presentations, led by doctors, nurses and therapists, participants in the Functional Health Literacy classes are introduced to wholesome ways of living that can be put into practice at home and with the family.  READ MORE !

Literacy goes "Back to the Future" at 30 year celebration
Open Doors Newsletter: July 2014

On June 18, Literacy Volunteers went "Back to the Future" at our 1984-inspired 30th anniversary celebration.

In addition to enjoying 80s-themed tables and food & beverages (who else enjoyed the combination of Tab and Cool Ranch Doritos?), official business took place and learner achievements were recognized.

The non-profit arm of Literacy Volunteers is a 15 person Board of Directors, which welcomed four new members at this meeting. The Board of Directors, in conjunction with Program Directors Diane Moseley at Central Library and Amy Crepeau at Oak View Branch Library, determines and implements fundraising events such as Wine & Words and Walk/Run/Read!, develops new and innovative programs such as the Workplace Literacy program, manages community outreach and assists with tutor and learner support throughout the year. Welcome to Wendy Kielsmeier, Jan Murphy, Imelda Tepayotl and Karen Topolewski; we look forward to the continued contributions of the Board over this next year. Thanks also to our "retiring" Board of Directors members, Margarita Castro, Rose Tracy, Vice President Amy Brennan and President Kat Gilmore.

One of the joys of being involved with Literacy Volunteers is when our learners reach the goals they have set for themselves. This year several learners were recognized for their achievements from the past year.  READ MORE !

Anne Arundel organization tackles adult literacy
Baltimore Sun: 7.02.2014 by Joel Burris

Deborah Bias began taking adult literacy classes last August, and since then the Annapolis resident has vaulted from a kindergarten reading level to third grade, picking up about a thousand words along the way.

Her instruction comes courtesy of an individualized tutoring program from the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council, a nonprofit that has offered one-on-one coaching in reading, writing and spelling since 1977.

Bias' instruction often involves words on flashcards that she spreads out over a table, glimpses, memorizes, then writes out.

Sometimes, she says, she'll become so immersed in learning new words that if her phone rings, the caller is sure to hear "Leave a message."

"I have to focus on the one word for a while, and then I will know the word," said Bias, 52, who said she no longer needs help reading food labels or street signs.

She said she hopes someday to teach others to read.  READ MORE !

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