Monday, July 21, 2014

EveryLibrary - Library Rapid Response Fund

EveryLibrary Launches Fund To Aid Libraries In Crisis
Library Journal: 7.18.2014 by Ian Chant

Most libraries know what its’ like to struggle with finding funding. Getting a levy or tax hike passed is hard work. Living through lean times that freeze hiring and stifle collection development can be trying. But when the rug gets pulled out from under you suddenly, it can be even worse. In order to provide some assistance when eleventh hour budget cuts come knocking, EveryLibrary, the political action committee devoted to strengthening the place libraries have at the civic table, is working on a new program with just these sorts of dilemmas in mind—the Rapid Response Fund, a pot of cash meant to give libraries facing sudden budget cuts the tools to rally supporters quickly and fight back.

According to EveryLibrary founder John Chrastka, situations that could benefit from the aid of the Rapid Response fund come up with troubling regularity in libraries around the nation. While city councils and other officials who control local purse strings have a regular order that generally functions to keep funding levels predictable, there are instances where those groups, or just a single member, can disrupt that order and call established budgets into question.

Chrastka pointed to last year’s attempt by a Parish Council member in LaFourche Parish, Louisiana to divert funds earmarked for the local library towards the building of a new jail instead as one high profile example, but said that EveryLibrary was receiving calls for help from libraries in similar predicaments every month.  READ MORE !

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