Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FOMPL Flash Mob Spreads Awareness About Literacy - Marshfield Library

FOMPL Flash Mob Spreads Awareness About Literacy WSAW: 3.03.2014 by Emily Davies  [ VIDEO ]

An outbreak of FOMPL has people in Marshfield more informed about their public library.

A FOMPL flash mob surprised unsuspecting people at the Marshfield Public Library, Festival Foods, and Pick N' Save in Marshfield on Sunday. The flash mob placed a question in people's minds, as well as answered it as they sang, "I'm a FOMPL. He's a FOMPL. She's a FOMPL. If you join FOMPL, you can be a FOMPL too."

Many wondered, what in the world is a FOMPL?

Maureen Mercier - FOMPL President
"It's an acronym for Friends of the Marshfield Public Library and we're a very friendly group," FOMPL's President, Maureen Mercier said.

They are a group that raises money to provide extra resources like new computers, additions to book collections and even furniture for the Marshfield Public Library. They also put together a few programs throughout the year.

"The library obviously has certain restrictions in it's budget and many things that happen in the library could not happen without FOMPL," said Mercier.

FOMPL members said a well funded library is a must to meet the needs of the community, but there is only one problem.

"People in town don't know who we are," said FOMPL Secretary and Publicity Chair, Darlene Berry. "They don't know what we do."  READ MORE !

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