Monday, July 16, 2018

Health Literacy Tool Shed :: A Database of Measurement Tools

Health Literacy Tool Shed
A database of health literacy measures

This website helps you:
➤Learn about health literacy measurement tools
➤Find tools that meet your needs

This website includes tools (measures, instruments, and items) that:
➤Measure an individual’s health literacy.
➤Are published in peer-reviewed journals — the published articles describe the measure and its development process, along with the report validation procedures that include at least 100 participants.

The number of available tools to assess an individual’s health literacy has increased during the past decade. There are more than 100 tools available on this site, and we review the Tool Shed quarterly so we can continue to add measures that meet our criteria. Please let us know if you have suggestions to improve the Tool Shed, such as adding tools or more information on the listed measures. To make a suggestion, you can use the Contact Us web form.

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