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Volunteers partner with Literacy Action to teach female inmates how to read
THV11: 3.08.2017

In January 2016, volunteers From Westover Hills Presbyterian Church partnered with to provide one-on-one tutoring through the separation glass with the female inmates at the county jail.

One year later, in response to the rising interest in tutoring services, Literacy Action, through volunteer tutors from Westover Hills, now offers literacy classes to 15-20 women once a week in a more traditional classroom at PCRDF.

Beginning this year, Literacy Action will also begin offering its first literacy class for male inmates. There are already 4 students signed up and eager for the opportunity to improve their literacy skills. Sara Drew, Executive Director of Literacy Action, comments, -"Some of the men in this program are veterans, so this gives them a chance not only to voice their war-time experiences, but also an opportunity to improve their employability when they leave the facility."

Meeting in a classroom has given the students more opportunities to interact with their volunteer tutors to receive instruction and to complete group projects. The student population is constantly shifting as women transfer to prison, return home, or enter rehabilitation programs. Yet, these challenges do not deter the students from learning. By working on vocabulary, punctuation and writing, the tutors are able to improve the skills that inmates will carry with them as they move forward in life.

One particular student, one of the youngest in the class at 18, plans to return to college. She wants to make her family proud of her again and improve her life by getting a good job. "We know that recidivism is lowered when we can educate the inmates and give them opportunities to change their lives," said Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holladay.  WATCH VIDEO 📺

Eat Drink Read - San Diego Council on Literacy
KUSI: 5.13.2017 by Milo Loftin

A signature foodie mainstay, this year's "Eat.Drink.Read. A Culinary Event for Literacy" will challenge chefs to think outside the "book".

"One in five adults in San Diego possess below-basic literacy skills," says Jose Cruz, CEO of SDCOL. "Many of these adults are also parents, and their children become adversely affected by low-level reading skills at home. We work to address this problem through our literacy programs which are funded, in part, through Eat.Drink.Read."  WATCH VIDEO  📺

2017 Tutor Recognition Event

Thank you to all who attended out Tutor Recognition Event this past Saturday at the Library Community Room! We had a wonderful turnout and enjoyed celebrating the hard work and achievements of our valued tutors! We were also proud to present the Jan Breidenbach Lifetime Achievement Award in loving memory of Henry “Jim” Rooney, a tutor who devoted over a thousand hours of time through his many years with our program. Special thank you to the event chair, Sharaya Olmeda, as well as the other event coordinators, Michael Miller, Val Houdyshell and Judy Scott. We would also like to recognize Faten Bsaili who spoke courageously about her experiences with the program at the event.

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