Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Empowering Individuals Through Literacy :: U Iowa, College of Education

Empowering Individuals Through Literacy
Through research, outreach, and engagement, the College of Education is empowering students of all backgrounds through literacy and literature.
College of Education, UIowa: 2016 by Kate Conlow

Reading and comprehending written language are critical skills.

Literacy can empower children and adolescents to perform daily tasks and navigate life as they grow into adulthood, while literature can offer insight into other people’s lives that a student may not have otherwise known—it is a way of passing along important stories and lessons.

Having the ability to read is also a foundation for success in virtually every facet of life, both personally and professionally.

At the University of Iowa College of Education, reading programs, faculty research, and outreach initiatives are empowering students and offering them new perspectives. From the Iowa Reading Research Center's literacy research and reading support services across Iowa and the nation, to community engagement programs that inspire young students to become successful citizens, to faculty who are teaching future teachers to become leaders in reading and literacy education, the College of Education is invested in and committed to ensuring all students are not only literate, but that they have the opportunity to learn and grow from what they read.

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