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National Library Literacy Action Agenda :: Literacy Through Libraries

Literacy Through Libraries

ProLiteracy and the American Library Association Office of Adult Literacy, Diversity and Outreach Services have partnered to further efforts outlined in the National Library Literacy Action Agenda, a resource to help libraries implement processes for institutionalizing adult literacy initiatives.

Through March 2017, this project will include working with three diverse libraries and providing them with training and resources to create personalized action plans for serving their community’s adult learners.

The goal is to help libraries across the country create personalized action plans for serving their communities’ adult learners.

This next phase of the project will pilot resources at three public libraries and guide sites in developing and implementing individual Action Agenda initiatives. ALA and ProLiteracy will use the pilot findings to refine the instruction, guide the curation of resources and develop an electronic learning/sharing forum (listserv). The outcome will be a Web-based training with supporting resources to encourage public libraries in meeting adult literacy needs.

Pilot sites will receive a $5,000 stipend and funding to cover project travel. They will be expected to participate in an assessment of community literacy needs, complete two online courses, take part in monthly conference calls with a national advisory group, and travel for a meeting of the pilot sites.

Action Agenda Format

The Action Agenda is organized into priority areas identified by the Community of Practice:
 ­ Collection Development
 ­ Technology and Digital Literacy
 ­ Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships
 ­ Professional Development and Graduate Education
 ­ Community Planning and Program Evaluation
 ­ Raising Awareness and Influencing Policy
 ­ Sustainability

Each priority area section lists outcomes supported by concrete action recommendations. The supporting resources section lists additional resources for each area.

ALA Conference
June 26: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
According to PIAAC, one in six American adults struggles with basic literacy. Public libraries help meet this need through services such as high-interest, low-level collections and tutoring. The Adult Literacy through Libraries Action Agenda guides libraries in this work. ALA and ProLiteracy received funding from IMLS to develop an openly accessible training and resources based on the Agenda’s recommendations, with the help of three pilot libraries and an advisory committee of leaders in adult literacy.
Kristin Lahurd: Literacy and Diversity Officer, American Library Association
Alicia Suskin: Project Manager, ProLiteracy

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