Sunday, August 9, 2015

Literacy – Spanning the US: Roanoke VA :: Winnebago Co WI :: Temple TX :: State College PA

In early June, three non-profit organizations presented information about their work and how funds donated by Women Who Care would be used to benefit the Oshkosh community. Winnebago County Literacy Council was ultimately chosen by a majority vote to be the recipient of a $5,000 donation, the aggregate funds contributed by the 43 Women Who Care members in attendance.

About 50 students are receiving free tutoring services through Temple Literacy Council, a non-profit organization supported entirely by donations by individuals, groups and organizations as well as grants from foundations.

Centre Daily Times: 7.15.2015 by Amy Wilson and Lisa McMonagle

“John” never learned to read. As an adult, he struggled to find work to support his family. The jobs he got were often dirty and dangerous. After getting injured, he came to Mid-State Literacy Council feeling desperate. He worked with his tutor faithfully for about four years. John is now employed full time with benefits. Due to his work ethic and ability to read, he can support his family. Literacy leads to employment.

“Maria,” an immigrant, was referred to Mid-State Literacy Council in February. Maria knew only a handful of words when she began a combination of classes and intensive English tutoring. Between classes and tutoring, she received about twenty hours per week of English instruction and practice. Maria’s goal was to find employment to help support her young children.

Statistical analyses show that legal immigrants who are proficient in English earn between 13 to 24 percent more than immigrants who are not proficient in English, which positively affects the economy because legal immigrants make up close to 16 percent of the civilian labor force in the United States. According to reports from the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor, when immigrants have access to language and literacy instruction, they assimilate more quickly and effectively and become more engaged in communities.  READ MORE !

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