Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Library & Librarians @ SXSW 2014

The Library & Librarians @ SXSW 2014

Library Machines: A Lo-Fi Design Conversation
Presenter: Jeff Goldenson works at the intersection of libraries, technology and fun. He is the designer in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab where he imagines and builds new library projects.
Description: The future of libraries is here for the making. Library Machines is the time and space to get folks together to imagine, design and market new Library Machines. What’s a Library Machine

The New Startup Garage for Innovation? Libraries!
Presenter: Janie Hermann, in her role as Public Programming Librarian at the Princeton Public Library at the library not only meet but exceed the expectations of the Princeton Community.
Presenter company: Princeton Public Library
Description: Libraries as the epicenter of innovation, technology and economic recovery? You bet your assets; angel investors, today’s libraries are able to inspire real life action that jumps off the page.

We Will Not Be Shushed: Guerrilla Library Advocacy
Presenter bio: Christian Zabriskie has done just about every job you can do in a public library. He is the founder and Executive Director of Urban Librarians Unite, a not for profit dedicated to promoting libraries
Description: they work to bring libraries out into the community and make the direct impact that the library makes.

The World's Strongest Librarian: Blog to Book

Presenter: Josh Hanagarne

Presenter company: Salt Lake City Public Library
Description: It's incredibly surreal, particularly since I still work at the library in Salt Lake City.

Don't Be Ned Stark: Change Your Institution & Live
Presenter bio: Since 2012, Brian Bannon has served as the Commissioner of the Chicago Public Library (CPL … ). As the chief executive officer of the 80 libraries that serve the 2.6 million residents of Chicago
Presenter company: Chicago Public Library

Reducing Isolation in LGBT Communities
Presenter: John Chrastka is Executive Director of EveryLibrary, the first national PAC for libraries. A long-time library trustee, supporter, and advocate, Mr. Chrastka is a former partner in AssociaDirect.
Presenter company: Every Library
Description: Reducing Social Isolation of LGBT Seniors and Youth Through Technology, Centers and Libraries From technology, centers and libraries may serve as the best partners to reduce isolation and homelessness.

Innovating Policy for the Internet of Things
Presenter: Larra Clark is the director of the Program on Networks and Program on America’s Libraries for the 21st Century in the American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP).
Presenter company: American Library Association - Office for Information Technology Policy.
Description: This panel will explore the cutting edge policy debates that will undoubtedly impact the new technologies ahead.

Librarian Meet Up
Presenter: Rebecca Stavick is a Cofounder of Open Nebraska, and a Staff Development Specialist at Omaha Public Library
Description: Let's deconstruct & design actionable ideas about why Libraries, Archives, and Museums within hours of SXSW bandcamp. Members of the library community at large are encouraged to attend.

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