Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive

10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive
Flavorwire: 3.27.2013 by Emily Temple

Face it: most librarians are probably cooler than you. After all, their job is to wrangle books, attract readers, and then get the two together — one of our own favorite activities. Though for many years, the librarian stereotype was a severe old lady who couldn’t stand excessive noise, the mold has changed (to the extent that even the New York Times has noticed). Now, many librarians are punk-rock agents of social change, complete with tattoos, tech savvy, and new ideas to get books to the people. After the jump, meet just a few of the very coolest librarians alive — and since we know there are hundreds out there, add your favorite book lender (or yourself) in the comments.  READ MORE !

Urban Librarians Conference
April 5 – Brooklyn NY

Looking for the super awesome, pie-filled ball of fantastic-ness that is the Urban Librarian’s Conference?!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Literacy Tribune Newsletter: March 2013

Literacy Tribune: March 2013
The Adult Learner Network Newsletter

United Literacy, a non-profit organization, provides resources and support to adult literacy learners in the United States. Its aim is to make literacy education accessible and worthwhile for adult learners.

Main Story: Tips for Saving Money
-How much money do you save each month? Is it enough?

A History Lesson: John Adams, First Vice-President of the United States
-George Washington was elected as the first President of the United States. John Adams became his Vice-President.

Member Spotlight: Leonard Baca
-big man on campus…all-around athlete… varsity player in three sports… Allstate Tackle on the football team – four years in a row.

The Day My Life Changed by Francisco Ronquillo, Guest Writer
-My name is Francisco Quinones Ronquillo. In 2003 I was in a big rig accident. I rolled over my truck on the 57 Freeway four times.

Technology Watch: 3 FREE Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
By Daniel Pedroza, President & CEO of United Literacy
-Two weeks ago I was asked, “Is there an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.”

The Literacy Tribune is looking for adult learner writers.
Are you an adult learner ?
Do you want to write ?
Do you want to publish your writing ?

You can write about:
Your road to literacy
Your literacy organization
Literacy resources you like
You can write book reviews, poetry, short stories
You can write articles about health, finance, or technology
You can write just about anything !

Friday, March 22, 2013

PLA Innovations in Literacy Scholarships

PLA Innovations in Literacy Scholarships
Application Deadline: March 29, 2013 Online (11:59pm Central)

The PLA Innovations in Literacy Scholarships will recognize innovative literacy programs of all types in public libraries. Eight $1,000 travel grants will be awarded to winning applicants to be used for registration and travel to the PLA 2014 Conference in Indianapolis. Winning literacy programs should be unique and inventive and must have had measurable impact on the community the library serves. Programs in early literacy, adult literacy, digital literacy, transliteracy, information literacy, financial literacy, etc., will all be considered. Scholarships are supported by a generous donation from the Cambria Estate Winery, which has a strong tradition of supporting literacy initiatives.

The purpose of the scholarship is to highlight innovative literacy programs in public libraries; literacy is defined broadly. Programs in early literacy, adult literacy, digital literacy, transliteracy, information literacy, financial literacy, etc., are all appropriate for consideration. Candidates must submit an online application describing the public library's achievement in creative literacy programming for the community, how it increased the use of or improved awareness of the public library, and the applicant’s role in developing or implementing the program. Programs should be unique and cutting-edge and have a measurable impact on the library's clientele. Applications will be judged on the following:
•Innovation and creativity
•Collaborative efforts of the staff and community in the planning and implementation process
•Measurements of success in the community based on usage, program attendance, or greater community awareness
•Sustainability of the program over time
•Program can be replicated by other public libraries
•Quality and appropriateness of submitted materials (supporting documents may be included)

Applicants from public libraries of any size are eligible. Eight applicants will be selected for their work on the library’s literacy program. The library’s literacy program will be identified in media/publicity pieces. No award shall be given if the applicants do not meet the award criteria.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Future of Libraries

The Future of Libraries [INFOGRAPHIC]
Faronics: 3.05.2013 by Ryan Majeau

"Libraries aren’t going anywhere. They’re just adapting to the changing world out there. Check out this infographic to see the future of libraries."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Share a Story-Shape a Future 2013

Share a Story – Shape a Future 2013
March 4 - 8
Literacy The First 5 Years

Share a Story - Shape a Future is a blog event for literacy. Throughout the week, blogging librarians, teachers, parents, authors, illustrators and people passionate about literacy will offer ideas on ways to promote reading and books. You won't find statistics, academic analysis, or judgments that tell you why you should read. Instead, we are using the power of the Worldwide web to share ideas about ways to engage kids as readers.

Mar 4: Literacy with Infants and Babies - The First Year
Host: Maria Burel @ Once Upon a Story

Mar 5: Playing with Literacy - The Toddler Years (ages 2 to 3)
Host: Terry Doherty @ Share a Story - Shape a Future

Mar 6: Prepping for Preschool: Early Literacy (ages 3 to 4)
Host: Debbie Alvarez @ The Styling Librarian

Mar 7 : The ABCs of Reading & Writing (ages 4 to 5)
Host: Tif @ Tif Talks Books

Mar 8: Look Mom, I Can Read (age 5)
Host: Terry @ Family Bookshelf