Thursday, June 28, 2007

California State Library

California State Library debuts their redesigned website - July 2.
Based on the model of the state of California web portal, the library's redesigned website, features "file tab" organization and plain language. It will make it easier for customers to locate information and services.

July 2 is also
National Literacy Day.
has special significance, it is the actual date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and it is also the date the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed. People who can't read can't practice their freedoms or rights, due to their lack of education. July 2nd is also the anniversary of Focus on Literacy, Inc.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Library Economic Value

Worth Their Weight: An Assessment of the Evolving Field of Library Valuation
The Americans for Libraries Council newest report offers researchers and advocates an overview of the cutting-edge field of library valuation, or models for expressing a library's multiple contributions to its community in dollars and cents.
Libraries for the Future

Library Use Value Calculator: What is your library worth to you?

How much would you pay out-of-pocket for your library services?

This worksheet was
originally provided by the Massachusetts Library Association, then adapted for the web by Chelmsford Public Library. The Maine State Library added extra accessibility coding and reformatting for ease of reading online; feel free to link the calculator where ever your library is. The Maine State Library site shows how the figures were calculated and how to customize and use on any library web site. The spreadsheet requires either Microsoft Excel or an Excel viewer.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Recent Cightings: Literacy

Blogs and Wikis about Literacy

SCLLN Blog - Southern California Library Literacy Network
~ news and info about library literacy programs

Project Read - San Francisco Public Library
~ a friendly little internet site offering some helpful literacy tips, strategies, and resources.

Adult Literacy Education Wiki
~ ALE LiteracyTent: includes English language learning, numeracy, and adult basic and secondary education

Adult Literacy and Technology (AL-T) Support Network
~ where adult literacy & numeracy meet technology: Australia

Durham Literacy Council NC
~ for tutors, students, staff and board members to share how Adult Literacy impacts their lives.

Minnesota Literacy Council
~ teaching with Weblogs and Wikis

Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogs & Wikis

Interested in how libraries and literacy programs use blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc. to establish a presence on www.

A cighting of blogsaswebsites by Rhonda Gonzales, CSU-Pueblo attracted my attention -as i look at websites for the new, the interesting, the good, bad, and sometimes downright ugly- i've discovered libraries are beginning to use their blogs as their websites. Also finding some using wikis as their websites.

Here's a few -so far:

Hello, and welcome to the new site of the Horseshoe Bend Regional Library.
207 N West Street · Dadeville, AL 36853

Cheaha Regional Library is pleased to announce our new website
935 Coleman Street, Heflin, AL

Seldovia Public Library
260 Seldovia St. PO Drawer H Seldovia, AK 99663

some wikis

Juneau AK
Stevens County Rural Library District WA

Friday, June 1, 2007


National Spelling Bee - 2007
Evan M. O'Dorney, a 13-year-old speller from Danville, Calif., won the 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee Thursday night. O'Dorney was named the Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion in the 13th round after correctly spelling the word "serrefine," which is defined as "a small forceps for clamping a blood vessel."
Try the list words from the
1st Round multiple choice test.

@ Your Local Library: CalCat ~ WorldCat

Spelldown – Karon Luddy – S&S, 2007
~ 13-year old Karlene wins her school spelling bee and hopes to qualify for Nationals.

Eyes Before Ease – Larry Beeson – McGraw, 2006
~ the unsolved mysteries and secret histories of spelling

Ameican Bee – James Maquire – Rodale, 2006
the lives of 5 top spellers as they compete for fame & glory